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Dr. Juliana Nahas

Juliana Nahas MD is a board certified integrative pediatrician and functional medicine expert, Fellow of the AAP, and member of the Institute of Functional Medicine. She is certified by The Adapt Institute of Functional Medicine, and by The Kalish Institute of Functional medicine.

Dr Nahas’s private practice in Covington, GA is 45 minutes east of Atlanta, GA. For more than 20 years, Dr Nahas has provided general pediatric care to the children of Newton, Rockdale , Walton and Jasper counties, guiding parents with a holistic touch.

In 2016, after observing the growing trend of ADHD and Autism in her patients, she began researching options for the best integrative solutions, in order to recover the health of these patients, as more and more parents were asking Dr Nahas for less medication use, and more natural ways to remedy their kids.

Dr Nahas is glad to have found the answers through exploring Functional Medicine, and to be able to now offer a cutting edge approach to managing acute and chronic health conditions , like asthma, eczema, headaches, abdominal pain and an array of autoimmune conditions, as well as neurodevelopmental conditions like autism and adhd.

Dr Nahas brings a caring and collaborative, yet no-nonsense approach to regaining health. Her belief is that if we support the natural healing abilities of our bodies, by providing good nutrition, and understanding the immune system triggers so we can remove those harmful agents, then we can restore health without using too many medications which may just cover up the symptoms and don’t really provide a cure. The goal is to get to the root cause of the dysfunction by analyzing what is going on at a cellular and biochemical level in the body, not just at the organ systems level, and put in place a customized program that is as much preventative as it is healing ,to each individual patient.

Dr Nahas lives in Oxford , with her husband, 2 teenagers, a dog and 2 cats. In her downtime, she enjoys nature walks, yoga, reading and studying spiritual material, and watching murder mystery or comedy movies.

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