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Dr Nahas gives you access to creating your own account on Fullscript.

This is a supplement and vitamin dispensary that provides access to a variety of premium supplements, made with pharmaceutical grade and pure ingredients. They are non-GMO, and sourced from the best organic suppliers. This dispensary removes the risk of any tampering, as may occur from suppliers on

Disclosure: Dr Nahas takes a small commission when you purchase on Fullscript , New Beginnings or Juice Plus

As a convenience for our patients, our office has partnered with Fullscript, New beginnings and Juice Plus,  virtual supplement dispensaries, to manage supplement inventory and delivery on our behalf. We are able to provide our community a discount to you of [10%] on Fullscript, from what you would pay for the same products as a retail customer. We value and trust these dispensaries to provide only medical-grade supplements through their dispensary. Our practice retains a small profit from the sale of these products in order to provide you with a single, convenient site. However, you are under no obligation to purchase these products from us or our partners; you may purchase the same products elsewhere; and your quality of care in our office will not be affected by your decision to purchase or not purchase products from our partner.”