The best kept secrets to boosting your immune health during times of stress.

The Corona Thrive Plan with Dr Juliana Nahas and Lara Elfstrand, to answer questions from concerned parents on how to keep the family healthy, happy and thriving during the Coronavirus Pandemic (and beyond).

Lara Elfstrand:

New Parent Sanity Specialist

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Juliana Nahas MD:

Functional and Integrative Pediatrician

What parents can do to help their kids stay healthy , happy and growing stronger during these difficult times.

During the current covid -19 crisis, many parents find themselves looking for ways to deal with a new way to co-exist as a family 24/7, and to keep every family member healthy and safe. We cannot alter the fact that Coronavirus is spreading, but we can change how we respond, and we can affect our baseline health status…..

When facing the shelter-in-place ordinance, losing our freedom and income sources,most people become stressed out even more than they were previously. But they still have a choice in what they do in their homes, and how they respond to the stressors.

Our health is our most precious asset that we need to build now, for a brighter future!

Join Us To Learn:

  • What are the best methods to release stress and frustration, and easy ,yet tried-and-true breathing and focusing techniques that your whole family will enjoy.
  • ​Which foods are healing and which foods are toxic for our immune system​, in order to boost your family’s baseline health and resist stress.
  • ​Why certain supplements can boost your immunity preventatively​, and which herbs and supplements to take in case of Sars-Cov2 exposure, to help you recover quickly.
  • ​Why sleep is vital to tuning up your brain and body, and how to get your kids to mind this habit every night.

Meet Your hosts

Juliana Nahas, MD is a board certified integrative pediatrician and functional medicine expert, Fellow of the AAP, and member of the Institute of Functional Medicine. She is certified by The Adapt Institute of Functional Medicine, and by The Kalish Institute of Functional medicine.

Dr Nahas’s private practice in Covington ,GA is 45 minutes east of Atlanta ,GA. For more than 20 years, Dr Nahas has provided general pediatric care to the children of Newton, Rockdale , Walton and Jasper counties, and now via Telemedicine ,guiding parents with a holistic touch.

In 2016, after observing the growing trend of ADHD and Autism in her patients, she began researching options for the best integrative solutions, in order to recover the health of these patients, as more and more parents were asking Dr Nahas for less medication use, and more natural ways to remedy their kids.

Lara Elfstrand is a New parent Sanity Specialist. She has been called a “Tour guide” on the adventure into early parenting. She holds a master’s degree in early childhood special education and has completed a Napa Infant-Parent Mental Health Fellowship through UC Davis in California. She has also been certified as a Gottman “Bringing baby Home” Educator. Lara is based in San Jose, California and does provide online support.

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