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Is Your ADHD Child Living Up To Their Potential?

  • Find out why your child dreads new tasks or social situations and why they are unable to stay focused no matter how hard they try.
  • Learn why most ADHD medications don’t ever heal the way the brain is wired, and why your child’s symptoms can mean that they have other issues that are not being treated.
  • Discover some of the REAL causes of ADHD symptoms and why you need to look beyond your mental health to find the answers.

In This Guide, You’ll Discover…

Is Your Child Easily Distracted, Forgetful, and Disorganized?

What you don’t know is that your child may be suffering from the early signs of cognitive change! These changes may be making it hard to focus and control impulses, which can cause other physical and mental issues. These changes can also greatly increase your child’s levels of anxiety and depression, that in turn can also sabotage any healthy patterns.

Discover How You Can Help Your ADHD Child Be Less Excitable, More Organized,Have Better Memory, And Get Along With Friends

Many of my patients have been suffering with ADHD for five years or more, without taking action. Some have tried medications and experienced significant side effects. Most of them have experienced significant symptoms almost every day unaware that there are many biological and lifestyle factors  that can be easily addressed to find balance. Find out more…

Why ADHD Medications Are Not The Longterm Solution

Has your child received ADHD meds because the school demanded that something be done about their inattention, impulsivity and poor grades? ADHD medications are a symptomatic bandaid measure, because the moment your child stops taking them ,he/she reverts back to their old nature. The brain is not the cause of ADHD, because the triggers are found in other areas of the body, like the gut. Find out about the right course of testing and treatment.

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