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Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent medicine is a field of medicine that deals with the issues that commonly affect children from the age of 10 into young adulthood.

What Is Adolescent Medicine?

Adolescent medicine is a field of medicine that deals with the issues that commonly affect children from the age of 10 into young adulthood. Doctors who are trained in adolescent medicine have an in-depth understanding of these issues, as well as specialized knowledge related to treating adolescents.

Why Is Adolescent Medicine Important?

Adolescent patients can visit any pediatrician. However, doctors who focus on adolescent medicine have significant knowledge and training that prepare them to deal with the unique problems facing adolescent patients. Because of this specialized insight, doctors with adolescent medicine training are able to diagnose issues quickly and accurately. They can also treat these issues more effectively.

What Adolescent Medicine Issues Does Dr. Nahas Treat?

Dr. Nahas treats all of the different issues that may affect adolescents, including hormonal changes, growth, development, headaches, issues with bone health, acne, abdominal pain, eating disorders, psychosocial problems, mood disorders, weight problems, teen pregnancy, puberty, polycystic ovarian syndrome, nutrition, HIV infection, sexually transmitted diseases, and smoking cessation.

How Often Should Adolescent Patients Visit Covington Pediatrics?

Adolescent patients should visit Covington Pediatrics at least once each year for a well child visit. Parents of adolescents should also make appointments for their children whenever any issue that may require treatment arises. For example, if an adolescent patient is struggling with uncontrolled weight gain, making an appointment with Dr. Nahas is recommended. Adolescent patients should also make follow-up appointments as recommended by Dr. Nahas.

Should Adolescent Patients Visit Dr. Nahas Alone?

Some adolescent patients are too young to visit a doctor alone. They may feel scared or they may be unable to follow the doctor’s instructions accurately. However, some older adolescents may be more comfortable seeing the doctor without a parent in the room. Every child is unique, and parents and doctors should make these decisions on a case-by-case basis, at the time of the visit. An adult must accompany any adolescent under the age of 18 years to consent to testing, treatment, and vaccinations.

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